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  double digging 2010


  double digging 2010


Our Garden


We started to grow vegetables in a corner of our apartment's backyard in 2008. The landlord kindly let us use their backyard to grow some vegetables. Once we got inspired by our new little venture, all I wanted was to grow more and more. A farmer graciously lent us a small parcel of land in 2009. That's when we satarted to sell the vegetables.

A year later we bought a house on an acre of land. Since then we have been growing vegetables, herbs, flowers and shiitake mushrooms on only about a quarter of the property. Not that big of a garden, but we currently have about 5 families to provide weekly vegetable baskets. When we started to cultivate the land in the begining, we did the double digging technique to turn the sod into vegetable beds. We haven't used machinery to cultivate the land. The soil and plants get a lot of gentle care from our hands and love. Now what's the next step? Our interests are on having chickens and eggs, and maybe bees. And I'm ready to have a rotary tiller too. 


                                      Spring 2015.

             spring 2014


Natural Plastering

I could start by saying that I am a paragraph. In fact I am more like a chapter or should I just go to the point: I am a long story short.


I've had many incarnations in this life alone and sometimes, looking back, it seems like none of them are me. So yes, I've been a traveler with no destination, an artist with an open heart, a teacher with a passion or yet a builder with a dream.


And there trully was a dream. It occured to me one March night of 2012. There was beauty and fear, and chaos and peace, and quiet and magic, and a mystical power. A power like I never felt before.


The place I was led to inside this dream was in a way familiar. Like if I had known it for a hundred years. There was a bouquet of fragrances emanating from below as I was making my way towards the kitchen. All around me were the most exquisit earthen plasters I had ever seen. An enchanting voice was inviting me to stay for dinner. I was completely mesmerized and could do nothing but fall to my knees and cry.


When I woke up I knew this was the begining of my latest incarnation.



                                                                  March 2015



  double digging 2010


   double digging 2010


          summer 2014


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