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Samples of natural plasters and finishes

Aliz: This natural clay paint is obtained by mixing clay and fine sand with a flour paste to obtain a smooth, brush applicable paint, also used as an adhesive coat.

Earthen plaster: This plaster is made primarily of sand and clay as well as straw or cattail fibres as reinforcement. It creates a great ambiance in a given space as it absorbs or releases any excess moisture to create a balanced environment.

Lime plaster: This type of plaster is composed of lime, sand and water. A beautiful and long lasting material that has natural antibacterial properties.

Tadelakt: This traditional Moroccan plastering technique requires several coats of olive oil soap polished with a flat stone onto the finished plaster. This produces a waterproof surface, rich in colour an depth.

Fresco: This is a technique of mural painting executed upotn a freshly laid lime plaster. The pigments are diluted with water and as the plaster sets, the painting becomes and integral part of the wall.

Lime wash: This is a natural paint made of lime, pigment and water. It is applied in several coats on any type of masonry surface in order to enhance the beauty as well as to protect and preserve its integrity.

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