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Japanese gardening tools


These simple tools have nothing revolutionary. The have simply been used for centuries and their feel is uncomparable. Once you put them to use, you will quickly see you gardening taking a whole new dimension. With a little care, these long lasting hand tools will bring you hapiness at work and delight on your plate.

    Sickle (saw blade)                   $15.00
      Weeder / Scraper                   $15.00
     Bear claw cultivator                $20.00
    Ika cultivator                       $30.00
    Sickle (heavy iron)                $20.00
  Weeder /Scraper (left handed)     $15.00
       Ninja cultivator                    $20.00
    Hori knife (stainless)              $40.00
    Garden scissors                      $30.00
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